domingo, 9 de novembro de 2014


Once it was a girl and she fell in love with a guy. She didn't talk to him anymore. Then everytime she thinks about him she drinks.

Once it was a boy and he liked a girl. He was afraid of getting dumped so he didn't even tried.

They are both alone right now. Lost in the light of this big city. He wants to be with her, right now, in the bed.

She's alone outside. The only thing she fells in the cold wind that touches her skin in the cold night of november. She wanted to be with him, in the bed, always and forever.

They were so afraid thay they kept being lonely and there's nothing they can do to change the fact they were losing time. He will never tell her how he feels. She will never send him this text she tried to write over and over again. And the months go by, the time changes, suddenly is summer. He meets a girl he thinks is noce, he goes out with her because he will never have that fear he had for his only love. She dates new guys, she tries to have fun but she will never be able to feel that connection again.

They finally see each other. Their eyes find the shine of the other's eyes. They are with someone else. He thinks she's happy, she thinks he's happy.

They pretend the moved on together, but in the truth they are move connected then never, they are once again alone.